Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Interview with Fitness Icon, Mia Finnegan

My Interview with Fitness Icon, Mia Finnegan

Sandy: Hi Mia! Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. 
Can you please briefly tell us about some of your accomplishments in the fitness industry?

Mia: Well, my greatest accomplishments in life is my family; my wonderful husband and three perfect children!  In the fitness industry, I am a former Gym and Studio Owner and an Author.  I’ve also been a part of equipment development and DVD productions. I am a World Champion Fitness Competitor.

Sandy: Well that was certainly a humble summary, but I’ll take it :)
With your training experience, could you give us some of your best fitness tips?

Mia: Absolutely! Be consistent and start with small goals. The hardest thing is often getting started, so as crazy as it seems, when getting started commit to 5 minutes of cardio and 5 minutes of weights. Research shows that setting time aside, putting the phone away, getting the kids or work squared away is the greatest challenge. Keep in mind that exercise is for your health, energy, mental clarity, stress level, and to boost your metabolism. Also, you can’t out exercise poor nutrition.

Sandy: “You can’t out-train a bad diet”.  That is one of my favorite sayings and it’s so true!  I have tried many times!
What about nutrition? In your opinion, how important is what we put into our bodies when it comes to fitness/fat loss results?

Mia: Nutrition is the most challenging part for most people but it’s the real deal. Nutrition is the key to weight loss and is at least 80 percent of the equation when it comes to achieving results. Most people are addicted to delicious non nutritious food. Feeding the body with proper nutrients is essential to great health and longevity. Maintaining a stable blood sugar level along with proper portion control are two keys to fat loss.

Sandy: I agree 100%. Thank you for those tips.
What about supplements? In my opinion, some people over-use them looking for that magic pill and others completely avoid it for a number of reasons (lack of knowledge, fear of cost, etc). What are your thoughts on supplements and why?

Mia: The research is clear. We need to fill in the gaps. Most people just don't get enough of the good stuff due to depleted soil, non vine ripened foods, processing or simply lack of access. Yes absolutely there is a lot of junk out there, but the well produced supplements are simply extracted nutrients put into a high density package. Some people say they don't need or use supplements. I ask them if they drink coffee and when they say yes they realize that unless they chew the whole bean they are using a supplement.  The mind set then shifts!

Sandy: Good one! I find that usually change isn’t so bad if people have an open mind and also try to replace one unhealthy habit with a healthy one.
If somebody needs help getting started, what is your advice to them?

Mia: Find a Professional. Find somebody who understands your needs and has a HIGH SUCCESS RATE in helping people just like you.

Sandy: That is great advice. I think sometimes people just keep trying the same thing and might need some guidance when starting out.
I see that you are all over the media again. Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge, just chose you to be her trainer for her first competition.  Can you tell us about that experience?

Mia: This was a great experience, helping a women and now friend, in her late 40's deal with the typical challenges that most women need to overcome. The challenges of balancing family, career, training, nutrition, social life and of course the pressure of committing to stepping on stage in a Bikini! I'm sure that the experience will inspire thousands of women in the future. 

(The Real Housewives of Orange County aires on June 20th.)

Sandy: That is impressive!!!  Tamra sure picked herself a great mentor.  Congratulations to you both!
What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who has struggled in the past with weight loss and has lost a bit of hope?

Mia: Don’t give up. You have your whole life ahead of you. We have all struggled at one point but that’s when you learn what NOT to do! There is a solution and you just need to find it, so find someone with experience that relates to you. It may be your food choices, metabolic issues, stress, body type, portion size or many other causes. Remember the weight gain is "just a symptom" our job is to find the cause and treat it!

Sandy: Thank you for that. I have such a heart for people who are struggling because there are so many myths out there, but there is a lot of truth too, we just need to sift through, learn, and keep on keeping on…
We all know you choose AdvoCare products. Can you briefly tell us why, with so much out there, with all your experience and knowledge, why do you choose AdvoCare products?

Mia: My husband and I, being science geeks, went to the science to see who is formulating the products. The Science and Medical Advisors had weight with us. Next we looked at all of the professional coaches, trainers and athletes that use the products simply because they want to; because they work. We work with professional strength coaches and athletes therefore the Banned Substance Free Certification means a lot to us.  Most of all it's the HEART and INTEGRITY of the company. It is a transparent company determined to build the safest and most effective products on the market and that has been our experience. It is the best line we have ever used and they have been the most effective. We have seen results faster and easier than ever before; truly life changing. 

Sandy: I can definitely attest to that. Thank you for sharing. I know you have some events coming up in the Northeast area, can you share that information with us for anyone who wants to attend and get more tips and information on what products would help them reach their goals/needs?

Mia: Of course! My husband and I have a few events coming up...
June 12th - Braintree, Ma
June 15th - Narragansett, RI
June 16th - Methuen, Ma
June 20th - South Attleboro, Ma

For more information, people can check us out on Instagram at Mia_Finnegan or FaceBook. Reach out to your AdvoCare Distributor for more information on upcoming events.

Sandy: Thank you for your time, Mia Finnegan! I'm proud to call you my mentor and friend :) 

Mia: Thank you!